Steelheads Club Structure

Project0Snohomish County Football Club seeks to grow using the following operating structure.


Investor Owners – Board – Operations Staff (2018)

Investor Owners

We would like up to 3 different investor owner parties, each responsible for investing $5,000 (or more) per season in Steelheads FC. These investors would all have a place on the board for important club decisions. Investment requirements would increase as the club moves up to higher level leagues.


Investor Owners (3) – Open Positions
Supporter / Fan Representative (1) – To be voted on by Founders
Head Coach -Dagi Kesim
General Manager – David Falk
Community Liaison – Ruth Nicholson

Operations Staff

Head Coach – Dagi Kesim
General Manager – David Falk
Treasurer / Accountant
Equipment Manager
Match Day Manager 

Chain of Command

The Head Coach makes the soccer decisions.

The Board makes the financial decisions.

The General Manager makes the operational decisions.

Benefits of being an Investor Owner

Your own vote on the Board
Tax deduction / write off / donation (when non-profit status is achieved)
Community standing and respect
Opportunity to promote your business(es)
Sharing the financial commitment
Helping build adult soccer in the county
Providing a healthy entertainment option
A place for your family to serve and grow
Realizing a dream with less risk

Informational Survey – An Online Form for Investor Owners