Steelheads venture north to play Bellingham United Reserves

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— Snohomish County FC Steelheads will play the Bellingham United Reserves on Saturday June 17 at 5 PM at Phillips 66 Soccer Park in Bellingham. It will be the first match for the Fish since they held open tryouts at the beginning of June.

Ask the Steelheads

Snohomish County Football Club picked the name “Steelheads FC” when the club was announced in 2017. You might wonder what we are all about and where we are headed as a club representing and playing in Snohomish County. Here is a Q & A session to help you learn more about us! Q: Who are…

Reaching out to find players to represent Steelheads FC

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA—Steelheads FC are networking with the local adult soccer community in Snohomish County to make sure the word gets out about the new club. Steelheads FC Hispanic Community Coordinator Felipe Aguilera  met with players from local side CD Lynnwood on Sunday to share information about SnoCo FC.

Dagi Kesim named first Head Coach of Steelheads FC

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— Steelheads FC are pleased to announce that Daghan “Dagi” Kesim is the first Head Coach of Snohomish County Football Club. Dagi will start immediately recruiting players and finding talent for the new adult elite men’s soccer club in Snohomish County.

The Badge is on the Shirt

PUYALLUP, WA— The badge of Steelheads FC is on the club’s new black shirts. Those shirts have seen action on the pitch. A goal has been scored. The building blocks of a soccer club are stacking up together one by one.

Behind the scenes with Steelheads FC

In a simpler world you could just get some of the guys together, form a squad, and join the local league. But Steelheads FC are aiming higher and trying to bring  top-level men’s amateur soccer to Snohomish County. So it is going to take organization, time and of course money. We’ve got the momentum, and people…

Meet Steelheads FC Hispanic Community Coordinator Felipe Aguilera

SNOHOMISH COUNTY—In recent weeks Snohomish County Football Club has been fortunate to see a number of local soccer lovers and leaders step up to help build the new club. You can read about them on our “About” page by clicking on their names to get to articles like this one. Today we meet Felipe Aguilera…