Steelheads’ “Support Local Soccer” stickers have grass roots in Arkansas



SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— “Support Local Soccer” say the new stickers that arrived this week at Steelheads HQ. They are bright orange, black and feature the Steelheads crest and just enough info to get curious fans started. There is a story behind how these stickers got made, and it winds its way all the way down to Arkansas.

The Red Watch, supporters of Little Rock Rangers, made connections with Fly It Flags to create the stickers at a low cost for any adult premier soccer club that wanted them. Steelheads FC General Manager David Falk jumped at the chance. “We wanted the stickers, but we also enjoy interacting online with people around the USA who love grass roots adult soccer and are also trying to establish clubs in their communities.” From there it was just a matter of sending along the Steelheads logo, colors and online info.

Many clubs took The Red Watch up on the offer. You can see some of those stickers below! Steelheads fans attending the June 10 match at Goddard Stadium versus Tacoma Narrows FC will get one of the stickers free to show they “Support Local Soccer” and the Orange and Black of Steelheads FC.



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