Ask the Steelheads

Snohomish County Football Club picked the name “Steelheads FC” when the club was announced in 2017. You might wonder what we are all about and where we are headed as a club representing and playing in Snohomish County. Here is a Q & A session to help you learn more about us!


Q: Who are Steelheads FC?

A: Steelheads FC are officially “Snohomish County Football Club,” a team formed to give adult male players in Snohomish County opportunities to play at a high level after high school, while home from college in the summer, or even after playing professionally.

Q: Are Steelheads FC a ‘professional’ club?

A: SnoCo FC does not pay players. We are an amateur side with the goal of running a professional-quality organization. Players who play for Steelheads FC will retain their ‘amateur status’ for NCAA play.


Q: How can I play for Steelheads FC?

A: Contact us at for tryout information.

Q: When will Steelheads FC start playing matches again?

A: We are working on scheduling a number of friendlies for the spring summer of 2018. Watch for announcements.

Q: What ‘level of play’ are Steelheads FC?

A: SnoCo FC will be the highest level of soccer played by adults in Snohomish County, comparable to 4th Division soccer in the USA. Read more about this here.


Q: What league will Steelheads FC play in?

A: We are planning to apply to join the statewide competition in the Evergreen Premier League. If we are accepted we would compete in the EPLWA starting in 2019.

Q: Where will Steelheads FC play?

A: We are still deciding where our home field will be. Training will take place at local fields and eventually league matches will take place at venues that accommodate spectators.

Q: Who is the Head Coach of Steelheads FC?

A: Dagi Kesim was named SnoCo FC Head Coach in 2017.


Q: How can I help Steelheads FC?

A: We need volunteers for match days. We need photographers, writers, and all kinds of helpers to make our community team click. Contact us at Want to be part of local soccer history? Join our FOUNDERS CLUB.

Q: Are Steelheads FC looking for Sponsors and Business Partners?

A: Yes! We are in the process of applying for “Non-Profit” status in the state of Washington. In the meantime in order to make our club as great as we can for the Snohomish community we need sponsors. Contact us at

Investor Owners can check out our structure and application page here.


Q: How can I get some Steelheads gear?

A: Check out our online shop here! Also, watch for our first-ever official scarf to go on sale in spring 2018! It’s available right now to FOUNDERS CLUB Members!

Q: Got Steelheads Logo surface desktops?

A: Yep. All sorts. Get them here for free.



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